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Essence of Life is in Simplicity




Simplifying Concept

Motto Behind ConceptSimplified
Today internet is the source of enormous information. But in reality the enormous quality content is mostly scattered making it barely useful. The ConceptSimplified is a spark of fire and an experience that aims to collect and provide a quality content that matters the most. It aims at Simplifying Concepts that is very essence of our life. Our motto is that “Simplicity is the Essence of Life” but we humans tend to complicate.

About me:

Raghuram Bachu
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
I have completed my BE in Information Technology, Mumbai. I love to simplify various concepts that actually makes sense. I do surf a lot to get the most useful information. And this website is a result of my experience and my interest to make things simpler for others like me.

If you have any queries you can contact me at: or just put your query in the Contact us.

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