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TCS Interview Experiences

TCS Interview Experiences/ TCS Interview Experience


Contributed By: Aditya Rao

The interviewers i had were quite friendly. More importantly, they knew what they were doing and could very well gauge how the person in front of them was. They looked at marksheets and asked questions based on the subjects in which marks were comparatively higher. They also had very clear questions on projects undertaken. All the questions tested not only concepts but also attitude towards learning. I would suggest being as frank as you can in front of them. They can see through visages as they are very experienced in interviews. The next would be to have a clear understanding about the subjects in which you scored comparatively higher marks, as also about the why’s and how’s of your project.


Contributed By: Anuja Panicker

The experience was a very pleasant one.For tips: The most important is that you should be confident in the way you speak and present yourself. Know yourself and answer truthfully. These are people who can sniff a lie when it’s being said. Be true and honest, be prepared with technical questions ( basics) and show eagerness to learn. Know about the company and be updated.
They want young, enthusiastic and smart learners who can be moulded to fit their company.


Contributed By: Pooja V

TCS is indeed a great experience. The rounds are quite simple as compared to the hype created for it. There were 3 rounds : Online Aptitude test,Technical interview,HR interview.

For Aptitude : Refer TCS mock test on their site(The actual test was simple as compared to that),Refer previous years apti questions from various online sites as most of the questions were repeated.The questions mainly consist of quants and logic. Time management is important and as every question has negative marking it is advisable to attempt what you are sure of.

Next up was,
Technical and management interview :
One tip :Be confident and smile throughout! The moment you show stress,you lose.

Technical Questions:
Basic java programs, fav subject,how usb port works,data transportation,B.e project based, etc.

Management Questions :
Why TCS,Are you ready to work in any part of the world,hobbies,describe yourself,why are you in IT,What would you do with your first salary,etc.

HR Interview:
Describe your projects in simple language,hobbies,Will you work anywhere across the globe,few basic questions about TCS,How ambitious are you,life goals,best achievement,etc.

Final Word :
Stay Calm,believe in yourself and answer the best you can.


Contributed By: Anonymous

Excellent experience , it was my first career interview of life and to clear it certainly brings a huge smile on the face. My tips for juniors will be :-
For Technical
Be sure with the language you written in resume . Be 90% sure with that language. You can or will be asked to write programs. Be very sure about

  • basic differences of java vs c++
  • Interpretation vs compilation

and in HR :- if you are in some organizing committee then be prepared with questions like
what was your role, what problems you faced how you overcame etc. In the end just keep 2 things in mind body language and confidence .


Contributed By: Uma Mounika Karukonda

Questions based on basics of principles of communication were asked. I was asked to speak about myself bringing out my best qualities. Later I was questioned were I would comfortable working in any city away from Mumbai with not so flexible working hours.

I would suggest to brush through whatever basics that have been taught and confidence is the key.


Contributed By: Madhura Milind Nagaonkar

Technical interview was fully based on programming and real time applications.
Few questions were based on BE project.
confidence is important to crack HR round.


Contributed By: Maximus

1. Be confident .
2. Being confident shudnt be confused with being arrogant .
3. Try to be as humble as possible and don’t mess up.
4. If u don’t know then don’t try and lie ur way out of it if u can’t .
5. If u do well and good u will get selected :p

Thankyou guyz for supporting and providing the invaluable source of Information and experience. These are the placement and interview experiences of TCS campus recruitment batch-2015. All of these experiences are genuine and this has been only possible through the support of the contributors.

Guy if anyone wishes to provide their TCS interview experiences can do so by clicking the following link
Click here.This would be of great help.

Anyone wanting to use or copy these experiences in their websites or forums need to take prior permission from the conceptsimplified.Failing to adhere would lead to legal contempt.

HR Interview Questions

HR Interview Questions:

There are few HR interview questions that one needs to prepare:

  • Give brief introduction of yourself?
  • Describe about yourself?
  • What is your family background?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • Do you think you are fit for my company?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Are you a good engineer?
  • What are your career goals, personal goals and ambitions?
  • Are you a hard working guy? Hum… So what is difference between smart work and hard work?
  • Would you like to change yourself? And if so why?
  • Are you willing to relocate? (Specifically for a girl)
  • Who is your role model?
  • Rate yourself in the scale 1 to 10?
  • What are the subjects you like the most? And why you like?
  • How many years you feel you would be working with us?
  • Are you ready to work if we call you on weekends?
  • How much salary do you expect?
  • Where you see yourself 5 years from today?

These are few general questions that are in some way or the other definitely asked by the recruiters. This is not just limited to TCS. They are applicable to any recruiter that comes to your campus. However it is essential that you prepare for some company specific questions.

TCS Interview Process

TCS Interview Process:
In my case, TCS carried out its interview process on the Day-2. All those who got selected for aptitude, their list would be forwarded to the TPO of the college by the night of Day-1. So there would not be enough time for Interview preparation.

The TCS interview process is a whole day process and often it takes around 8pm to 10pm or get completed. The interview starts around 9.00 am or as scheduled by your TPO (Training & Placement Officer). There are two types of interview that are conducted namely

  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

In some colleges it has been approach by TCS where Technical and HR interview are conducted simultaneously (this situation is rare) where in both HR and Technical would screw you up together. But in my campus, both interviews occurred one after the other.


Technical Interview Overview:

Initially you would be subjected to Technical Interview, wherein basic questions on the subjects you have studied over the years in engineering journey are asked. Basically core concepts are tackled and asked rather than subjective concepts. For instance if you are an IT or Comps Science guy you would be asked questions based on Data Structures and Algorithms, basic java concepts like “ method overriding” or they would just ask you to provide logical structure of a particular program, for which you need to prepare well. Further it may even be a logical puzzle. For Electronics guys it is essential that they prepare for Java and C++ concepts.

Basically TCS or recruiters test what is your way of understanding towards a situation or a concept. Often even in Technical interviews few questions regarding TCS are asked that may actually be a part of HR interview. Again Technical Interview is an elimination round.

HR Interview Overview:

If you have cleared the Technical Interview you would be called for the HR Interview on the same day (that is within an hour or so, it may even take several hours so don’t worry). HR is all related to your communication skills, they would observe your body language, your way of speaking and your attitude. Even more they would check out your willingness and capability to be a part of TCS. Here HR basically scrutinizes your Resume/CV. They would typically ask questions for those parts of your CV for which you might not provide complete details. So be smart enough. There are whole set of questions which I feel you should analyze before appearing for HR Interview. “Click here”.

This is the final stage of your entire recruitment process. All those who have cleared HR interview would usually be asked for their CT reference numbers during HR Interview (this is not always true). This entire process usually gets over by 8.00 pm but it may also extend up to 9.00pm or 10.00 pm. Finally at the end they would announce the names of selected candidates. And soon by midnight or by next day your Offer Letters would be dispatched. This was especially the case of Mumbai region campuses.

TCS Email Writing

About Email Writing:

Again this is the elimination round and would be conducted on the same day as that of aptitude. So be prepared, it checks your basic communication skills and grammar. TCS uses a software also known as Touchstone software that does not provide dictionary nor grammar correction and neither the spell checker for Email Writing. Touchstone is where you need to write in your email. So be sure of the word you are writing. You would be given few phrases and based on that you need to write a letter/email. This would be a simple one but there would be a time limit with marks associated with it. Make sure that you use all the phrases as it is in the Email you are going to write because touchstone has algorithm for checking that. Around 10 minutes are allocated for Email-Writing.

For real time practise of Email writing

Note: However these do not provide guarantee as these are just simulators prepared for practise and most probably they may have no match in front of TCS Touchstone software.

For examples and samples you can refer to

These would be enough and nothing more and nothing less. And most of the times these are the only Email writing topics mentioned in above websites that get repeated. So if you are very much worried then just prepare above. This is all about TCS Email Writing.

For any queries do comment below or Contact us.

Aptitude Preparation

Aptitude Preparation:
Aptitude Preparation

Firstly the aptitude, it plays an important role for you being selected in TCS. Truthfully speaking TCS provides the simplest aptitude as compared to any other organisations, yet many do blunder here. TCS provides around 80 minutes for 30 aptitude questions which I believe no other company would provide you such great opportunity. For aptitude I myself started preparing from some of the online aptitude materials, I would mention them making you much comfortable to prepare in.

Following are few website that you all must have a look for aptitude preparation: (just click on links to be redirected to exact location)

This I feel would be more than enough for your full proof Aptitude preparation. However one thing that is to be mentioned is that top 5 of the each branch are exempted from Aptitude. This was the case during my recruitment process.


  • The above websites contain lot of papers from which you can start preparing you aptitude. Instead I would recommend just pick up a paper and start solving it 2 months prior to any recruitment process.
  • The advantage of this technique is that firstly you would develop your QUANTS that are useful for any company that are coming to your campus.
  • Further this gives you competitive edge over others and time for preparation for interviews.
  • Further start studying about general happenings in your respective fields 2 months prior because most often the interviewers would expect from you the happenings of your field. Like for IT people you be prepared for Cloud Computing, Big Data or any other new happening in industry.

Wanna practise aptitude questions @real time, following is the link in the form of Google Forms
Aptitude Preparation Questions-Part 1
Please submit the form after completing we would revert back you with correct answers

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