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Difference between Connection Oriented and Connectionless

Difference between Connection Oriented and Connectionless.

Compare Connection Oriented and Connectionless.

Differentiate/Compare/ Difference between Connection Oriented and Connectionless.




Resource Allocation:

Resources need to be allocated.

No prior allocation of resource is required.


It often leads to low or underutilization of resources.

It ensures optimal usage of resources.

State info:

Lot of state related information needs to be stored.

Not much of information is required as packets are sent randomly.


It ensures reliable transfer of data.

Reliability is not guaranteed as it is a best effort service.


Prior connection needs to be established.

No prior connection is established.


There is more delay in transfer of information, but once conn. established faster delivery.

However there is no delay due absence of connection establishment phase.

Packet travel:

In this packets travel to their destination node in a sequential manner.

In this packets reach the destination in a random manner.


Congestion is not at all possible.

It is likely that congestion occurs.


Connection is established through process of signalling.

There is no concept of signalling.


It is suitable for long and steady communication.

It is suitable for bursty transmissions.

Transfer mode:

It can be implemented either using Circuit Switching or VCS.

It is implemented using Packet Switching.


It is possible to retransmit the lost data bits.

It is not possible.

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