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Difference between Naxalism and Terrorism.

Difference between Naxalism and Terrorism.

Compare Naxalism and Terrorism.

Differentiate between Naxalism and Terrorism.

Differentiate/Compare/ difference between naxalism and terrorism.





To overthrow the state by means of force i.e. through armed guerilla warfare.

To create fear in the minds of people by maximal violence.


It is usually ideology based like the case of Marxism, Maoism.

It may be ideological, political or religiously motivated.


Naxalites target the government, civilian administration & security forces.

Target of terrorists is masses with intention of mass destruction.


It is carried out usually be non-state actors.

Carried out by both state (Pakistan on India) and non-state actors.


Reason for its proliferation is lack of development & governance.

It is proliferated for achieving religious and political goals.


Kidnapping, extortion from road/mineral/tendu contractors, looting arms.

Funding from Arab sympathizers, drug trafficking, selling of natural resources.


It is an internal security threat.

It is an external security threat.


Can be considered against the government.

It is against the country.


Pursue coercion or ideological indoctrination to raise cadres.

Use online media for radicalization and lone wolf attacks.


CPI(Maoist) and People’s War group.

Laskar-e-Taiba, JEM, ISIS.

Red corridor

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