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Difference between Windows and Linux

Difference between Windows and Linux.

Compare Windows and Linux.

Differentiate/Compare/ Difference between Windows and Linux.

Difference between Windows and Linux

Difference between Windows and Linux




Built by:


By Linus Tovalds.


Proprietary operating system .

Is an open source operating system.

Ease of Use:

Is very user friendly.

Has a learning curve, not so user friendly.


Has a huge marketshare and is preferred by common users.

Very small market share and is preferred by developers.


Is not so secured and vulnerable to attacks by hackers.

Is considered to be highly secure and almost no incidence of attacks.

File system:

Earlier version of windows used to use flat file system.

From its initiation it had concept of hierarchical file system .


Windows supports large application that are specific for windows.

Has limited applications, however windows applications to an extent can be run on linux using wine.

Released in:

1st version of windows was released as early as 1985(not MS-DOS).

Released as early as 1991.


Prominent windows OS include Windows XP, 7, 10.

Prominent Linux versions include Ubuntu, Fedora, Solaris.

Supports File Systems:


EXT-2,3,4 and XFS, JFS.

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