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L&T Interview Experiences

L&T Interview Experiences / L&T Placement Experiences

L&T interview Experiences

L&T interview Experiences


Contributed By: Shreyas K

Interview experience in L&t was superb, After being rejected by companies like TCS, IGATE, TECHM, my confidence level had been totally drained out. But as i started clearing different levels my confidence started building up. The different levels were as follows
Round 1: Technical Aptitude (they had about 4 sets (A,B,C,D))
Each set had three section each of 20 questions therefore a total of 60 questions to be solved in 60 minutes.
The set which i got, had distribution like, quants, logical reasoning and verbal.
I was pleased to hear when my name was announced among the list of students who had cleared the aptitude.

Round 2: Group Discussion
There were total 10 students in each room for group discussion. There were only two panelist from l&t and they gave us two topics from which we had to choose one. This round was quite easy and if you put forth few valid points, u can easily clear the round. Same was my case. I cleared it with ease and proceeded for next round

Round 3: Technical Interview
The Interviewer asked questions based on my mini project which i had mentioned in the resume. As i explained it flawlessly, i got cleared from that round too.

Round 4: HR Interview
Here basic questions like,describe about yourself, how are u feeling, will u be able to relocate are asked. I answered them perfectly.
And after few days was finally happy to see that i was one of those few students who got selected for L&T.

I Hope This Helps You !!
Best of luck !! Have Funn!


Contributed By: Rajat Acharya

In l&t InfoTech interview process proceeds in this fashion 1st is technical round and 2nd one is HR round. In Technical round Interviewer asked me about my mini project and she also asked about the working of my final year project.Then she asked me about oops concept and its implementation .I got selected in that round. If you are selected in Technical round means you are through. Last HR round is just a formality. In HR round she asked me about my family, n some questions like have you any problem to relocate, are you fine with travelling. Everyone who sits for placement of any company should first have knowledge about the company’s background, what are the frequent technical questions asked by that company in other college or you can ask your seniors who are placed in that company . The important thing during interview is confidence. “Everything happens for a good sake” even though u get rejected from any of the company’s placement process please don’t lose confidence.


Contributed By: Anonymous

L&T Recruitment Process
The L&T InfoTech recruitment is similar to any other placement process; it includes the aptitude test, group discussion, passage writing, and technical interview and HR interview.The aptitude test is a written OMR sheet test including Quant, Logical and Verbal Questions. The questions are more or less similar to the questions present in aptitude books such as RS Agarwal.

Group discussion is a very well organized selection process in L&T InfoTech where candidates are judged on the basis of their speaking skills, thought process, perspective and your overall lookout to the topic. During a GD you may be even asked to speak for or against the topic so be prepared with your thoughts and jot down points both for and against. You can take help or support someone else with their points but make sure you say something from your side as well.

Passage writing is not for elimination but still it tests your writing skills and your capacity to convey your thoughts on paper. In any campus placement never take any task lightly, after all everything is there for a cause, if not for elimination then just to understand how careless you are for things that are not important or you are been told as if it is not important, if you know what I mean.

Technical interview will test all your fundamentals of programming. Be confident while answering and gather enough knowledge about Object oriented programming. If you have mentioned your interest in networking in your resume then be prepared for questions on OSI Layers, routing etc. You might be asked to write a program on any of the very basic concepts like Fibonacci series, Armstrong number, sorting etc.

HR Interview will be your final round, “Tell me something about yourself “make no mistake in this one. The final round is to check your accountability to your work. You must have some knowledge about the company to be on the safer side. It is good to discuss about your achievements, volunteering and participation in extracurricular activities.

A great person has said “Company does not need intelligent people, it needs good people”, so dear aspirant there is always a room at the top, have loyalty and honesty within you, you will find a place where you are supposed to be. All the Best.

Thankyou guyz for supporting and providing the invaluable source of Information and experience. These are the placement and interview experiences of L&T campus recruitment batch-2015. All of these experiences are genuine and this has been only possible through the support of the contributors.

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