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Aptitude Preparation

Aptitude Preparation:
Aptitude Preparation

Firstly the aptitude, it plays an important role for you being selected in TCS. Truthfully speaking TCS provides the simplest aptitude as compared to any other organisations, yet many do blunder here. TCS provides around 80 minutes for 30 aptitude questions which I believe no other company would provide you such great opportunity. For aptitude I myself started preparing from some of the online aptitude materials, I would mention them making you much comfortable to prepare in.

Following are few website that you all must have a look for aptitude preparation: (just click on links to be redirected to exact location)

This I feel would be more than enough for your full proof Aptitude preparation. However one thing that is to be mentioned is that top 5 of the each branch are exempted from Aptitude. This was the case during my recruitment process.


  • The above websites contain lot of papers from which you can start preparing you aptitude. Instead I would recommend just pick up a paper and start solving it 2 months prior to any recruitment process.
  • The advantage of this technique is that firstly you would develop your QUANTS that are useful for any company that are coming to your campus.
  • Further this gives you competitive edge over others and time for preparation for interviews.
  • Further start studying about general happenings in your respective fields 2 months prior because most often the interviewers would expect from you the happenings of your field. Like for IT people you be prepared for Cloud Computing, Big Data or any other new happening in industry.

Wanna practise aptitude questions @real time, following is the link in the form of Google Forms
Aptitude Preparation Questions-Part 1
Please submit the form after completing we would revert back you with correct answers

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