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TCS Aspire Experience

Hey all, most of all who are selected for the TCS now would be wondering what is PRE-ILP training. This is also synonymously called TCS Aspire. I understand after recruitment process you might be depressed again after hearing about quizzes and test that make ASPIRE. Like you all, I too was anxious of what is this training all about, as once I heard from my seniors that ASPIRE is all about quiz and you need to do well to get a good score that would determine your location and batch and all that stuff.

So I thought like me there would be many curious guys and at the same time this curiosity would repeat again the next year where in the fresh recruits would again be anxious. So I thought of putting up this entire process of PRE-ILP training and experience in the form of words, with certain suggestions that should be followed from my point of view. Coming straight to the point and not beating around the bush I pen down my experience. I would be using Aspire and PRE-ILP process synonymously.

First things first, PRE-ILP training process is the well devised methodology that has been introduced by TCS so that the fresh recruits have basic understanding of most of the subjects they have covered during their engineering. It’s basically all IT and Comps Science stuff that you all may have done in your engineering journey. It ensures that people of other background or streams are well versed with IT and computer concepts. One thing needs to be made clear that none of the course are detailed but yet they are complete in sense especially for beginners.

Certain Guidelines:
There are certain guidelines that have been mentioned by TCS for taking Aspire:

  • There is an honour code specified by them that you all need to follow.
  • None of the content should be made available to others.
  • You alone should be the person doing your course without employing any unethical means.

Note: These are not exact wordings instead you check instructions prior to starting the aspire quiz.

Approach and Content of TCS Aspire:
Don’t worry about Aspire; firstly take out your nervousness and anxiousness because this is one thing that ruins once capability and performance. Once you log into TCS portal, launch the campus commune, you would be asked to “click here” and your profile would be shown for the first time which you fill accordingly. Once done with that in the same page there would be button titled “Launch Aspire”. Do not worry you can click the “Launch Aspire”, then it will redirect to page where there would be a link for instructions and FAQ about TCS Aspire. Click for “Ready to take Quiz”. Beware, you first read all the guidelines and FAQ first which tell everything about Aspire and only after that click on “Ready to take Quiz” because the quiz would have around 5 questions and all would be related to the above link of guidelines/instructions/FAQ. This is the course unlocking quiz. However as I have observed it has no marks/score associated with it. Marks in the aspire courses is known as MILES.

Once you complete the quiz, you would be redirected to a page containing the course material. Select the course you want to start. Initially for me there were only two courses being displayed. In each course there would be modules and at the end of each module there would be a quiz. Within the modules there would be sub modules. Now start reading the theoretical content in serious manner. Take it seriously because in quiz there would be any question based on the content you are provided. So once you read all the sub modules within a module, press on the quiz and there would be 20 multiple choice questions to be answered with each question being given 1 minute. For each MCQ, +2 for correct answer and -1 for wrongly answered question. You would be shown the score after each question u answered. So don’t worry about all that stuff. It is not too simple either because you require patience for reading and understanding such huge content. Do not skip the video courses that have been offered in sub modules because some of the questions even come from them. That’s it.

Finally at the end of the all modules there would be “Course Completion Quiz” that would be unlocked only after all module quiz are completed. It is slightly different with 40 questions to be answered with each question being given a minute. Most of the questions are decision based, but you may even encounter fact based. If you perform 100% correct in either of the quiz that is module quiz or Course Completion Quiz, you would be awarded badges. By the way, initially the total score for two courses is 400 miles. Now why are you waiting? Get Set Go ;-p.

Some Important suggestions for TCS Aspire

  • Firstly be prepared and only then give test, you only have two chances.
  • Try to make notes in few lines so that you can relearn just before giving quiz.
  • In case you don’t know the answer you may even skip.
  • Most importantly before giving the quiz you better login to the campus commune and then click ASPIRE once again because most often session expires.
  • If any doubts, do click “Ask Doubts” button it is often helpful. It is present at bottom of page.
  • Most of the sections in first chapter which you would be encountering is based on mostly the operating systems so if you have “Operating System Concepts: Wiley” it would be handy in case you do not understand from the content provided.


  • Reply brick veneer guys |

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  • Reply madhumitha |

    i have my end semester exams coming and my joining date is 3 days post my last exam..i have not completed my aspire modules…and i dont think i will be able to complete before joining date..what do i do ? pls help i am in ITIS stream with !) modules which is too much to complete in just 3 days

    • Reply admin |

      Hey I understand your problem but there is no other option for you, you can by one way complete this by utilizing the days in between the exams. For instance u might study for 1 or 2 days just prior to your exams, if say u may be having gap between the exams of say 4 days. And finally 2 days before your joining date u start attempting quiz.

  • Reply Rahul |

    Please tell that how should the candidates from other streams prepare?
    Would the content provided on the portal be sufficient?
    You above mentioned that the candidate would be given two chances. Please tell more about it. What if he does not perform well in quiz?

  • Reply Deep Chakraborty |

    Can u tell me what are the subjects that are taught in Aspire for ITIS domain ?
    Thanks in advance

  • Reply dinesh |

    my doubt is
    1. can u send the link for the instructions and FAQ s to attempt the quiz to launch aspire.(i.e of 5 marks ) or will i read them and immediately give the test or not?
    2. do we have to take the quiz immediately after studying the material or courses they have posted?
    3. is the material which iam providing in the below link is same for EIS stream also?
    4. how fast we have to complete the courses?
    5. if i have studied the course today and can i give the test tommorow?

    • Reply admin |

      1. Hey instructions would be present in the aspire link/landing page. Btw you can attempt that starting questions without reading.
      2. And once you are in you can take the courses at your own pace. But it is better that you take the quiz immediately once you have gone through the material as you would remember most of the things.
      3. For most of them the courses are same. But it differs from stream to stream like Entsol people will have java,unix on the other hand java stream will have only java.
      4. The faster you complete better is the chance of you getting into the ILP, like aspire score matters during batching process. And at the end almost every one tries to score better so there would be huge competition. Initially people with even low scores get into batching process because not many do start early.
      5.Yes definitely

  • Reply Vishesh |

    My Doubt is that its written there on Campus Commune (Aspire) Website that “Miles earned in Stage 1 will not be added to your final mile count.”
    So whether its just passing in Stage1 is enough or I have to score good marks (miles) in stage1 also ??

    • Reply admin |

      Hey your doubt would be sorted once you call the campus commune toll free number!!!

  • Reply Rohini |

    My rank in TCS Aspire is around 6200. So after how many months can I expect my joining letter to come ? I am from 2016 batch.

    • Reply admin |

      Hey rank in aspire is relative like if its today around 6200 then if tomorrow more people get more than you there rank would be much better and your rank may fall. So rank is not directly correlated with months within which you would get joining. Rather if you are preparing for some other exams ensure your rank is low. However if you feel u want to join early and your all quiz are exhausted you may get the retake option for quiz in modules. In that case be prepared because that will matter your joining. And usually every month a batch of 1500 to 2000 is alloted joining(this is the rough figure which I am quoting from my experience.)

  • Reply Barshana Banerjee |

    Hello there. I am from IT.. i am about to complete my aspire quiz with e great score. Only 1 quiz is left. And my position in the leaderbrd is 100. And the cutoff dates are not declared yet. So my doubt is,
    I have my finals in june and result will get declared by mid of july. So if i clear the cutoff of april itself then i will get joining in june or july most probably. So what wud i do then? My results wil nt get declared by then. Do i need to reschedule my joining??? Please help.

    • Reply admin |

      Hey first of all that’s great you are in the leaderboard with rank 100. Basically from my experience, usually people from south usually get the first priority for being allocated because their exams get over soon around april or may.You may get your joining probably in July itself. There are two ways to look into like
      1) Firstly,after completing your engineering I would recommend you take break like one month or so because it matters a lot.
      2) Other thing is that after june many people would start giving and there comes the problem because ranking becomes highly competetive. Like if you get very good score(around 4000-4100 like in my time) then opt for delaying the last quiz.
      I would recommend you to communicate toll free no. available.
      For any queries you may contact

  • Reply Shubham Aggarwal |

    My doubt is- If i fail to clear a stage 2 quiz in its first attempt but clear the same in second attempt, would it make any difference (in miles or rank or whatever )?
    (It has happened that i was about to get a just passing score so i failed and in the next take scored a good result.)

    Plz do reply 🙂

    • Reply admin |

      I believe in the second attempt you would get 80% of the total marks. I don’t remember exactly as it is now almost a year I gave aspire.

  • Reply archana burange |

    I had passed my last semister in pcm group in December 2015 is aspire is compalsari for all TCS freshars of all stream s or for aspire program TCS cumuniket with us first or we haveto cumuniket with them

    • Reply admin |

      Usually you would get to see Aspire when you log into campuscommune. So if you see Aspire course it is essential that you complete it as it is mandatory for every fresher

  • Reply Sakshi Sharma |

    I ll ll be passing out of BTech ECE this month and I haven’t started yet with my tcs aspire module thing. “.net” has been allotted to me. I want to know is there is a particular deadline to complete the same? What if I want to prepare for other exams coming in November. At maximum, when should I start the aspire so that my joining is late?

    • Reply admin |

      As per the year 2015 there was no such deadline but every month a batch of aspire completees were alloted ILP so as per me If you are preparing for some GRE or other stuff you are welcome but if you are sure u want to join TCS you start for aspire now try to complete by june or july so because initially often it happens that you get alloted to good projects after ILP completion but it is not always the case.

    • Reply admin |

      Hey Hi,
      There is no compulsion as such to complete the assignments because as of year 2015 (My batch) it was not mandatory but It helped me lot like in ILP any new situation or new program was given I was able to complete them in few moments and that made me learn even more. So basically in ILP you would actually be doing the assignment itself. So by that I don’t mean you skip but rather understand concepts and if possible even do assignments. (Hey do like my fb page and Do share because Sharing is Caring)

  • Reply kiruthika |

    For second attempt is there any necessary to take up the test in 72 hrs or else we can take up in after 72 hrs ???

    • Reply admin |

      No there is no such hard and fast rule of 72 hrs(This is as per year 2015 Aspire)

  • Reply Shrishti |

    i have completed my aspire.currently my rank is 600 for IT, when would i expect to get Tech Louge unlocked and from where we can choose our stream whether java or .net .Or due to my rank will it take long so i should look for some other job option because process is too long

    • Reply admin |

      Hey first of all you have got a rank that is good(you are somewhere in middle). Now I believe batching process might have started and once Its done you would be allocated a stream like Java,Entsol,asp,Unix or … Once you are batched you would get the access to Techlounge and even the joining date. And by the way it would be just a matter of month or so no need to look for some other job option rather enjoy the time you are having once you join corporate you would not get time for yourself(It depends 🙂 ).

  • Reply Shrishti |

    My Aspire score is 3039 and my rank is 612 currently (IT). when should i expect to get tech louge unlocked and when do we select our stream for tech louge. Or my aspire marks are low so i should not expect joining letter from TCS. As there is no assurance that we get joining letter or when will we get it even after having good cgpa from good clg. Or should i think for another job option. plz help

    • Reply admin |

      Hey first of all you have got a rank that is good(you are somewhere in middle). Now I believe batching process might have started and once Its done you would be allocated a stream like Java,Entsol,asp,Unix or … Once you are batched you would get the access to Techlounge and even the joining date. And by the way it would be just a matter of month or so no need to look for some other job option rather enjoy the time you are having once you join corporate you would not get time for yourself(It depends 🙂 ).

  • Reply Ankita |

    Hey..i got my joining letter i.e 16th june ahemdabad. But i have completed only 75% of aspire module bcz of colg related stuff.Is it mandatory to complte tech laounge as well as aspire…bcz as i got joining letter.although i am very mych sure that i will get java tech lounge as pery stearm and i have prepared well for IRA exam too.but still plz tell me it mandatory to complte aspire nd tech lounge?

    • Reply admin |

      Hi Ankita,
      First of all completion of Aspire is mandatory in any case you need to do it before attending your ILP. And congrats of getting Ahmedabad, I too got there and the place is very nice. Now speaking about Tech Lounge: It was not mandatory and I believe even now it is not mandatory but It would be too helpful if you do all the assignments and you be at your best in the ILP(I experienced my best). And about IRA if you are having a comp science background like basic of webpages,javascript and java you would get good percentile(I got a good score from IT background).

      Finally you ensure that you complete your Aspire.

  • Reply palak |

    I had scored 96/160 in the course quiz without taking any breaks in tech lounge.Even then the quiz got locked up saying you have exhausted the break.I dont know whats the matter? can u help?

    • Reply admin |

      Hi palak,
      Sorry I do not know much about the above situation you are speaking. But for you to resolve this you can just put the snapshot of the above error and send an email to campus commune(that you may get from the tcs campus commune site). Your issue would be definitely looked into.

  • Reply janani |

    I completed my aspire before one week..but tech longue will not yet opened..when will it open?

    • Reply admin |

      That’s great you have completed your aspire. Once you complete your aspire you will be in the leaderboard. And once batching process starts(as I believe it may have already have started) based on your rank you would be batched that is you would be allocated to ILP. Also once you are batched you would be given access to Tech Lounge material.

  • Reply Manav |

    I got placed in aug,15.
    I want Jl in aug .what mile i should earn. I have completed 1 st module only in stage 2 with 650 mile .Thanks

  • Reply poosarla sai sujith |

    I have just completed a quiz… to view my miles and rank?
    Please reply and help

    • Reply admin |

      There would be leaderboard icon protruding on Right hand side of the screen… You might just toggle and click on that you will be able to view your miles and rank

    • Reply admin |

      Most probably in future there would be reset option available or after the completion of batching process for that particular month.

  • Reply Yash |

    I have assign ENTSOL for tech lounge. But some time in quiz question is not readable format. What should i do ?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Reply admin |

      Yup I understand your situation, in that case you can’t do anything, to the max if possible take the screenshot and inform the same to campuscommune. If you are lucky enough you would get the miles added.

    • Reply admin |

      Most probably not. Because batching process takes based on the ranks.

  • Reply Neha Goyal |

    I completed my aspire modules. In How much time I get the access to the tech lounge

  • Reply arpita |

    I have completed my techlounge modules the cut off of unix c++ oracle stream is 1254 and I have got 1145.shall I get my joining

    • Reply admin |

      Cutoff is always doubtful, please try to find the cutoff of the previous batching only that can be used as benchmark…

  • Reply arpita |

    Or I should start preparing for something else ??coz I have not got my joining yet..

    • Reply admin |

      See if you are planned for going abroad for higher studies then it is the best time u opt for abroad because most of the people who have ambition to go abroad usually if caught in worse project often tend to resign and in the process even might have to pay the bond.

  • Reply nitish |

    is the syllabus of aspire for IT/ITIS is same or different ? because i got ITIS but i wanna IT as am a comp. sci student.

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