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TCS Email Writing

About Email Writing:

Again this is the elimination round and would be conducted on the same day as that of aptitude. So be prepared, it checks your basic communication skills and grammar. TCS uses a software also known as Touchstone software that does not provide dictionary nor grammar correction and neither the spell checker for Email Writing. Touchstone is where you need to write in your email. So be sure of the word you are writing. You would be given few phrases and based on that you need to write a letter/email. This would be a simple one but there would be a time limit with marks associated with it. Make sure that you use all the phrases as it is in the Email you are going to write because touchstone has algorithm for checking that. Around 10 minutes are allocated for Email-Writing.

For real time practise of Email writing

Note: However these do not provide guarantee as these are just simulators prepared for practise and most probably they may have no match in front of TCS Touchstone software.

For examples and samples you can refer to

These would be enough and nothing more and nothing less. And most of the times these are the only Email writing topics mentioned in above websites that get repeated. So if you are very much worried then just prepare above. This is all about TCS Email Writing.

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  • Reply Revathy |

    Do they consider the contrnts of the mail? It can check grammer and spellings..but how can a computer understand the contents and meaning of the mail?

  • Reply manasa |

    In case in mail if we are not giving gaps between the paragraphs is that email is right ? or wrong?

    • Reply admin |

      It won’t matter. Don’t worry about paragraphs it can be a single paragraph or more than one.Your email would definitely be right.

  • Reply Niloy Paul |

    Does that software check grammar ??? I have heard that it doesn’t even check grammar also!!!

    • Reply admin |

      Of course the basic construct it would be able to check. Imagine the case of microsoft word, there is grammar check so TCS being such a big brand would not fail to incorporate without grammar check. Don’t worry it is most simple and just do some practise questions you will be selected.

  • Reply Madhuhasa Vangala |

    Does TCS check punctuation marks in Email writing..!!!
    Like eg:
    space between Mr.Sharma ….. and space after full-stops……Does the software tests the punctuation marks for these statements????

    • Reply admin |

      Hey bro first of all TCS’s email writing software is proprietary. Secondly any person if he gives you guarantee that whether software checks for punctuation, grammar or not, he is definitely bluffing. I have personally given the email writing and its one of the most simple one I gave in 2015 so practise little bit that are available as practise. That’s it it is not at all difficult. Just requires basic concept. And usually Mr. won’t matter ur is the right way.

  • Reply riya |

    If i forgot to mention last word like regards or name..??any prblm ??. bt i coverd all the phrases properly n grammar also

    • Reply admin |

      Actually should have mentioned it but I know a guy who did such mistake last year but he was in 🙂 Don’t worry

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