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TCS Interview Process

TCS Interview Process:
In my case, TCS carried out its interview process on the Day-2. All those who got selected for aptitude, their list would be forwarded to the TPO of the college by the night of Day-1. So there would not be enough time for Interview preparation.

The TCS interview process is a whole day process and often it takes around 8pm to 10pm or get completed. The interview starts around 9.00 am or as scheduled by your TPO (Training & Placement Officer). There are two types of interview that are conducted namely

  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

In some colleges it has been approach by TCS where Technical and HR interview are conducted simultaneously (this situation is rare) where in both HR and Technical would screw you up together. But in my campus, both interviews occurred one after the other.


Technical Interview Overview:

Initially you would be subjected to Technical Interview, wherein basic questions on the subjects you have studied over the years in engineering journey are asked. Basically core concepts are tackled and asked rather than subjective concepts. For instance if you are an IT or Comps Science guy you would be asked questions based on Data Structures and Algorithms, basic java concepts like “ method overriding” or they would just ask you to provide logical structure of a particular program, for which you need to prepare well. Further it may even be a logical puzzle. For Electronics guys it is essential that they prepare for Java and C++ concepts.

Basically TCS or recruiters test what is your way of understanding towards a situation or a concept. Often even in Technical interviews few questions regarding TCS are asked that may actually be a part of HR interview. Again Technical Interview is an elimination round.

HR Interview Overview:

If you have cleared the Technical Interview you would be called for the HR Interview on the same day (that is within an hour or so, it may even take several hours so don’t worry). HR is all related to your communication skills, they would observe your body language, your way of speaking and your attitude. Even more they would check out your willingness and capability to be a part of TCS. Here HR basically scrutinizes your Resume/CV. They would typically ask questions for those parts of your CV for which you might not provide complete details. So be smart enough. There are whole set of questions which I feel you should analyze before appearing for HR Interview. “Click here”.

This is the final stage of your entire recruitment process. All those who have cleared HR interview would usually be asked for their CT reference numbers during HR Interview (this is not always true). This entire process usually gets over by 8.00 pm but it may also extend up to 9.00pm or 10.00 pm. Finally at the end they would announce the names of selected candidates. And soon by midnight or by next day your Offer Letters would be dispatched. This was especially the case of Mumbai region campuses.

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